Hold it and count to ten

your survival guide

with young children


  1. Recognise your child as an individual right from the start

  2. All children are different – comparing them is not always helpful

  3. Give their needs and your own enough time in the day

  4. Don’t ask more of them than they can manage

  5. If tempers flare – hold it and count to ten - they need you to stay calm

  6. Look after your own health as well as theirs

  7. Don’t take on more tasks than you have to

  8. Parents need others for support – your Health Visitor will put you in touch

  9. If you feel low and lonely – don’t stay isolated

  10. Above all – don’t get desperate – get help

In every area there are organisations to provide services for children and families. Your GP and Health Visitor will be able to offer advice and, if needed, refer you to specialist services. To find out more  about local supporting services, visit your library, town or county hall, or contact your local council for voluntary services.